About Our Australian Made Lingerie

Sometimes your D+ cup bust can feel like a curse, not a blessing


I know this firsthand. Having worked in the modelling industry since I was 18, I have continually been frustrated by the lack of wireless lingerie options for bigger busts.

The only bralettes I could find were ugly, saggy or not available in my size. After many shopping trips ending in tears or swear words, I realised that if I wanted a sexy and supportive bralette, I would have to make them myself. And thus Full Bloom Lingerie was born.
We are proud to be a small business and use ethical processes to make our products. We don't believe in empowering one group of women at the expense of others which is why our bralettes are handmade in Melbourne with love.

We promise to use models of different sizes to ensure full transparency of the fit of our bralettes.

Our bralettes are for the woman who believes that big boobs shouldn't mean boring bras. Who thinks that comfortable and pretty should be synonymous.
Full Bloom Lingerie is more than just a lingerie brand. We believe in living a beautiful life which is why we also stock products from local Australian artisans.

Read more about our commitment to ethical lingerie here

We hope you enjoy your experience with Full Bloom Lingerie.