Bralettes Sizing

Here at Full Bloom Lingerie we believe that size is just a number

But to find your perfect fit, please see our sizing tips below. 

We have used real babes to determine our sizing and get the best fit. Our bralettes generally fit a C-J cup, so all you have to do is match your current bra size to our sizes below.


Our Bralette Size Band Size  Fits Bra Size
6 58cm-62cm approx 6C - 6J
8 63cm-67cm approx 8C - 8J
10 68cm-72cm approx 10C - 10J
12 73cm-77cm approx 12C - 12J
14 78cm-82cm approx 14C - 14J
16 83cm-87cm approx 16C - 16J
18 88cm-92cm approx 18C - 18J
20 93cm-97cm approx 20C - 20J
22 98cm-101cm approx 22C - 20J
24 102cm-106cm approx 24C - 24J
26 107cm-111cm approx 26C - 26J


Sister Sizing

If your sizing falls outside of the measurements and bra sizes listed above, you can use sister sizing to find the bralette that fits your bust. For example, if your bust size is above an E, you can try the bralette size above your usual band size. Our bands have a 3 x 3 hook so even if you usually wear a certain band size, you can go up a size and keep it on the tightest hook so it fits properly. 


Fit is very important to us so, if you receive your bralette and it doesn't fit, please contact us. If you are still unsure of your perfect size, please send your measurements to Remember, your first exchange is free, so you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong size.