Ethical Lingerie

 In this fast-paced society, where everything is instant as well as disposable, the slow fashion movement is starting to gain traction. Many are seeing the consequences of the fast fashion movement on the environment and the workers in factories that produce our clothing. This has lead to a shift in consumers wanting ethically produced clothing to minimise harm. 

Full Bloom Lingerie was started to provide C+ cup women with wireless bralettes that were comfortable, supportive and stylish. We also pride ourselves in producing ethical lingerie that will not contribute to the fast fashion movement. So how can we produce ethical lingerie in an industry that values cheap, mass-produced items and why should you shop with us?

Our wireless bralettes are handmade in Australia!

In Melbourne to be exact, by a lovely seamstress called Meg. She does all the pattern making, grading and sewing for Full Bloom Lingerie in her studio. No slave labour or unsafe work conditions like how a lot of lingerie is made.

Our handmade bralettes are made to order!

Yes, every time you order a wireless bralette from us, it is made specifically for you. It is not mass produced and shipped from overseas leading to a higher carbon footprint. We only buy supplies when we need them and they are used in a way the produces the least amount of waste, reducing the amount we have to throw away.

We use models of different sizes!

We refuse to contribute to the notion that lingerie only belongs on a specific body type. Our models fit our bralettes (no secret clipping, padding or photoshop needed), and we use models of all shapes and sizes to show what our C to J cup bralettes will look like on different sized individuals.

If you have a C cup, D cup, DD cup, E cup, F cup, FF cup or G cup, GG cup, H cup, HH cup or J cup bust and are desperate to find a wireless bra that will look good and feel even better - shop our Australian made wireless bralettes.