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How You Can Practice Self-Care

In recent years, importance has been placed on looking after yourself, physically and mentally. Self-care is the act of just being good to yourself. There is no one way or right way to practice self-care - it is entirely subjective and up to each individual.

The main objective of self-care is to take time out to reflect and take care of yourself to avoid burning out. Just make sure you understand the difference between self-care and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Self-care needs to make you feel good but, it also has to be universally good for your mind, body and soul.

There are so many benefits to self-care including increased productivity, higher self-esteem, increased self-awareness and it can even help reduce how often you get sick.

If you are new to practicing self-care, you might not know where to start. Here are a few different ways you can unwind and take care of yourself. Remember, your idea of self-care might be different but, if it makes you feel good and it is good for you, you are on the right track.

Take a long, relaxing bath

There is something about lazing around in a hot bath that soothes your mind and allows you to focus on yourself and nothing else. Adding bath salts or bubbles to your bath will delight your senses and help you feel relaxed. If sitting in a bath in silence isn't your thing, take your laptop in and watch a movie. Just remember to keep it away from the water!

Get a massage

Whether it is at a day spa or your local Westfield, nothing beats a massage. The pressure of a massage sends a message to your brain to release feel-good endorphins. Endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don't kill their husbands (Legally Blonde joke). 

Pamper yourself

It can be as elaborate as a face mask or spray tan, or as simple as just washing your hair, pampering yourself is an easy way to boost your morale and get happy. Taking the time to focus on yourself is always healthy and a good idea.


Sure, it seems like a punishment at first, but once you get into it, damn it feels good. Endorphins aside, working towards a goal, like running 5km in one go or building up to lifting a heavier weight, gives you a sense of accomplishment which goes a long way in improving your self-esteem.

Say no

Yes! You heard that right. It's ok to say no. To friends, to family, to colleagues and even to your partner. It might be saying no to a night on the town, to babysit or to work an extra shift, but knowing when you need to take time out is an important component of self-care. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first!

Buy flowers

Ok. At Full Bloom Lingerie, we may be a little biased towards this one because we love flowers so much. But come on, have you ever looked at beautiful, colourful flowers and felt shit? We didn't think so. 

 Self-care is always important in our eyes so make sure you always take time out for yourself, whether you feel like you need to or not. 

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